Smile India Online Doctor Consultation

Smile India is an online doctors-patients consultation portal in India, which have overtime impacted the health delivery status of the entire Indian population positively through the effective and efficient provision of a varying degree of expert clinical offerings which incorporates telemedicine, patient empowerment programs, patient engagement initiatives, consultation services.

Smile India portal brings the doctor and patient together through the use of internet connectivity, which make it easier for patients to contact any nearby doctor, to seek advice and fix an appointment with a doctor under a very comfortable atmosphere.

The need for medical attention has over the year extended with a growth in population. The ever-increasing need for a medical expert has necessitated the introduction of advanced strategies of heath care delivery with consideration to speeding, accuracy, and promptness.

Therefore, numerous medium of platform were developed to this effect. Primarily designed and developed for the medical field, the doctor-patient portals were aimed at strengthening and advancing the relationship between doctors and patient. Smile Indian serve as a medium of interaction between qualified professional doctors and patient. It’s a platform wherein patients can share their medical information and health histories with professional doctors.


Benefits of Booking Online Doctor Appointment

Online doctor appointment is rapidly gaining popularity these days as more health providers offer telemedicine services to help cut costs. Booking Online doctor appointment can save a lot of time of patient and doctor.

When it comes to ease-of-use and comfort, most medical practices aren’t currently providing the comfort that their patients need. In keeping with a file, almost 81 percentage of patients wish to book their doctors’ appointments online and almost 40% of patients would switch doctors in order to get online approach.

Better for patients:

Booking online appointment is gaining momentum quickly. In addition to providing ease-of-use, online appointment scheduling can provide you direct access to patients who have a hard time booking an appointment at some point of their work hours.

Better for Service providers:

Booking online appointment also save doctors a lot of time, with a purpose to permit them to focus on patients who are currently in the office so that patients can have best experience. This is a much better use of doctor’s time than making or receiving phone calls, attending to voicemails and handling follow up calls.

Better Physician-Patient Interaction:

The Doctor can have interaction with patients without the need to call them, saving a lot of valuable time. Booking an appointment online is an effective and a less expensive way for medical doctors to speak with their patients. The time previously spent doing workplace duties can now be shifted to allow for more quality time with patients.

Patients will value the more attention and turn out to be repeat customers based on the level of customized care you provide.